Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions

The London to Brighton to Paris electric vehicle rally

The London to Brighton electric vehicle rally Ltd owns, and is responsible for the professional organisation of, the annual London to Brighton to Paris electric vehicle rally (L2B2PEVRis the sole proprietor of all right, title and interest in and to the Marks, Logos, Database, Domain Name and goodwill associated with the Rally and acts in the capacity of data controller.

L2BEVR LTD organise and administer the data processor in respect of personal data provided to it in the course of its work relating to the L2BEVR as detailed in these Official Event Regulations.The Privacy Policy for the L2BEVR is available via email – bill.londontobrighton.org

L2BEVR LTD acts as the recognised authority to the L2BEVR for vehicle eligibility and appraisal and issuing of vehicle entries


1.1. L2B2PEVR will take place on Saturday1st and Sunday 2nd July 2023 .This annual event will look at entrants eco viability and sustainability. Energy consumption will be a qualifying criteria for the winner of the event categories
1.2.The length of the Rally is approximately 60 miles (97km) to Brighton. The route to Paris will be published by the 01.12.22 The start is from Westminster London, stop at Crawley and finish at Madeira Drive, Brighton. The French leg departs Newhaven for Dieppe and after a mid point stop at Gournay en Bray finishes in central Paris.

1.3.The event is organised by L2BEVR LTD

1.4.The Organisers invited entries from September 2022 and are subject to entrants fulfilling these entry regulations and requirements.

2. ELIGIBILITY 2.1.The event is open to:

1. e-Bikes
2. e-motorbikes
3. City cars

4. Saloon cars 5. SUVs 6.Vans
7. Self-builds 8. Minibuses 9. Buses 10.Truck

11 Wild cards

2.2. Public transport- we are inviting competitors to take public transport and try and beat the times set by road-going vehicles. French leg excluded.

2.2.1.Vehicles will all need to have current tax, MOT and insurance certification

2.2.2.Vehicles which are the subject of a valid Eligibility Certificate or Composite Certificate (showing the date of completion) A Composite vehicle is defined as one whose major parts are car parts not necessarily from the same manufacturer.

2.2.3.The L2BEVR Steering Group reserves the right to accept cars to the Rally.
2.3. Entrants of vehicles without a current valid MOT will not be admitted

2.4. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in a road-worthy condition.All cars must meet the legal requirements to run on public roads in the UK and Continental Europe.
2.5.All participating composite entrants must have two front (white) and two rear (red) constant lights fitted. Flashing lights are not permitted by law for use on vehicles .Temporary lighting can be of modern manufacture.Vehicles entered for the Rally observed as not having satisfactory lights attached will be disqualified from the Run

2.6 Commercial vehicles (vans, lorries, buses) and motorcycles are eligible to participate

2.7. Entrants of solar vehicles are required to have had their vehicle checked by a competent inspector within the past 5 years.

2.8 The nominated driver(s) of the vehicle must hold a driving licence valid for use in the UK and be conversant with, and competent to drive, the vehicle.The entrant accepts the responsibility to ensure that all safety material issued by the organisers is seen by all nominated drivers of the vehicle.Any entry proposed by a legal entity will be deemed to be represented by the nominated driver in all matters.

2.9. In the interest of having the ability to communicate by text critical information relating to the Rally with drivers and others participating in the Rally during the period immediately preceding the day of the Rally and during the Rally itself, as part of the entry process mobile phone numbers are to be supplied.This data will be held securely by, and for the sole use of, the Organisers in communications directly affecting the operation of the Rally.

Monday 3rd October – Entries Open
Friday 16 April suggested early bird tickets close
14.6.23– Standard Entry Deadline and Close of Entries

Sat 1.7.22 running order
6.00am–7.00am – vehicles to arrive at allocated assembly points in preparation for drive under their own power from Westminster
6.55am – First cars start from the Designated area
8.45am – Madeira Drive, Brighton Opens

11am – stop open for adjudication at Crawley.
4.30pm – close of Madeira Drive, Brighton 5.30pm – awards ceremony. 8pm contestants for Paris depart . 11pm ferry via Newhaven to Dieppe. 5am arrive Dieppe for breakfast with dignitaries 1pm mid point stop Gournay be Bray 4~6pm arrive Paris. 8pm awards and reception .

4.1.Assembly and Start:
4.1.1.Vehicles will assemble at the locations allocated by Sector Number start point within their allotted time slot.
4.1.2. It is the responsibility of the entrant to arrive at the rolling start point within the vehicle’s allocated time slot.
4.1.3.The starting order will be determined by a combination of factors. The first vehicles will start at Official Sunrise Time (6.55am) with cars passing the rolling start point in batches at intervals of no more than two minutes. Participants’ start positions will be published on the official website http://www.Londontobrighton.org
4.1.4.Any vehicle that differs from the information given on the entry form may not be permitted to start the Rally.

4.1.7.Anyone under the age of 17 participating as a passenger on the Rally must remain with their guardian or entry vehicle at all times.The Organisers strongly recommend that anyone under the age of 17 wears a high-visibility safety vest.

4.2.The Route:
4.2.1.The length of the UK Rally is approximately 60 miles (97km) and will be given a a map. French details to follow . Participants will receive details of the route with suggested charging stops.French details to follow
4.3. Driving Standards:
4.3.1.All drivers are required to obey the Highway Code and all instructions of Police Officers and Officials of the event.
4.3.2. Stewards of the Rally as appointed by the Organisers will monitor the progress of the entrants along the route.Their reports of bad driving may result in penalties being applied by the Clerk of the Course in cases where driving is considered to be in a manner likely to bring the event into disrepute. Penalties include exclusion and disqualification on the day, for future events and/or fines to the Run’s nominated charity.
4.3.3. Police Officers and Event Officials are Stewards and their reports on any driver’s poor standards of driving and/or lack of respect for the Highway Code will be taken as fact and acted on accordingly.
4.3.4. All entrants/drivers are reminded that the Rally is NOT A RACE and that they act as ambassadors for the L2B2PEVR
4.4.The Finish:
4.4.1.The official UK finish of the event will be at Madeira Drive, Brighton which closes at 4.30pm.The driver of each vehicle finishing before the official closing time at Madeira Drive will be awarded a commemorative medallion.Where possible, a professional colour photograph of their car arriving at Brighton and an individual certificate will be supplied in the Finisher’s Pack sent by post to the entrant after the event.French details to follow
4.5. Results:
4.5.1.As a condition of entry, all entrants accept that their name and that of the nominated driver along with details of the car will be included in a list of entrants who entered or completed the Rally, having visited the checkpoints and arrived at Madeira Drive, Brighton before the control closes published on the official after the event.French details to follow

5.1. Entries for L2B2PEVR may be made online. If you do not have access to the website please call L2BEVR on 01273 099034

5.2.The Organisers are intending to be able to accept all valid entries but reserve the right to limit the number of starters in the interest of safety.The maximum entry to be accepted in year one is 250 vehicles. In the event of the 80entry level being exceeded, a reserve list of no more than 10 vehicles will be held by the Organisers. Should an entry on the reserve list be accepted to the Rally in place of a withdrawn entry, then the entry fee charged will be that applicable at the time of the reserve entry’s registration for the current year’s Rally.
5.3.The Organisers require all entries to be accompanied by one electronic copy photograph of their vehicle. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the Organisers have the right to use the photograph provided, that it is copyright free or that the copyright is owned by the entrant.This is for the purposes of publicity as each vehicle accepted will feature on the official website. By providing entrant and driver(s) details and the photograph of the entered vehicle,
5.4 That entrants grant permission to the organisers to publish this information on the event web site and in other promotional material relating to the Rally.The Organisers will retain this photograph.

6.1 Some Sponsorship bookings can be held without payment for 28 days at the discretion of the organiser.After 28 days if no notification has been given the booking will stand as a confirmed booking
6.2 Booking Notes:
If not subject to clause 6.1 of entry fees addendum then entries must be accompanied by the applicable entry fee.All entries require payment in either Euros or UK Sterling

The e-bike and self-build categories are also free to enter. For all other categories there are four entry levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Corporate.There are three sponsor packages also available.

Bronze £tbc

Entry for one vehicle

plus a space at the e-village to show off your vehicle

Silver£tbc – Entry for one vehicle plus a space at the e-village to show off your vehicle – 2 Event T shirts and 2 Tickets to the after-parties

Gold£tbc Entry for one vehicle plus a space at the e-village to show off your vehicle -4 event T shirts – 4 tickets to the pre-event launch party the evening before – 4 tickets to the VIP guest area after the event-n 4 Tickets to the after-parties

Corporate £tbc Entry for one vehicle plus a space at the e-village to show off your vehicle – 8 event T shirts- 8 tickets to the pre-event launch party the evening before- 8 tickets to the VIP guest area after the event- 8 Tickets to the after-parties- Logo & weblink featured on our website- Advert in the official programme- Stall in the e-village- Mention in our newsletter and on social media

6.3.All entrants will receive a personnel pass. Participant vehicle numbered plates, vehicle decals and 1 route timecard. Additional personnel passes (limited to a maximum of 2 per vehicle entered) may be purchased at £tbc per pass.

6.4. 25% of the entry fee will be refunded in the case of the event being cancelled due to any UK Government restriction or directive on or before 28.5.21. If participants would rather donate the 75% refund to the Big Lemon CIC this would be gratefully received, or it can be carried over as a deposit against the 2024 Rally entry fee. There will be no refund of the entry fee in the case of the event being cancelled due to any UK Government restriction or directive after 28.5.2023.

6.5. In the case of an entry being withdrawn no refund will be made.

6.6. It is the responsibility of the entrant to contact the Organisers if formal acknowledgement of any entry form is not received within 21 days of submitting.

6.7.The Organisers reserve the right to refuse the entry of an entrant, driver and/or car, without giving reasons for refusal.
6.8.Any changes of vehicle must be notified to the Organisers in writing. No change of vehicle can be made after 3.30pm 14.06.23

6.9.Any formal EntryWithdrawal must be notified in writing (post or email) to be received by the Organisers by 5.00pm on 14.06.23

7.1. Participants will be provided with two vehicle numbered plates (approx. 7.5” x 5.8”/19cm x 15cm), which must be clearly displayed in forward and reverse facing positions on the vehicle for the duration of the Rally. Provision of a suitable mounting is recommended.There will also be magnetic decals to be used on the side of vehicles and or non- adhesive friction stickers for bodywork
7.2. No advertising, trade sign or promotional display may be carried on the participating vehicles, other than that on the official numbers supplied by the Organisers or at the discretion of the Organisers.

7.3. No additional branding must be put on the cars unless it already comes supplied with it.

No advertising for personal companies other than the key stakeholder sponsors will be permitted.

8.1.At all times exit from Madeira Drive is via Dukes Mound only or as directed.French details to follow

9.1. For the purpose of these regulations, a tender vehicle is deemed as any vehicle supporting, assisting, delivering or picking up a participating vehicle before, during or after the event .A tender vehicle can be a vehicle with a trailer or a commercial vehicle transporter.French details to follow
9.2. Each entrant will be issued with a tender vehicle window identification sticker.This will link the tender vehicle to the entrant and is for identification purposes only. If you have a tender vehicle driving the designated tender route this sticker must be displayed in their windscreen. NOTE – this does not give access to the tender vehicle car park at Brighton.French details to follow
9.3. If a tender vehicle pack is purchased an official vehicle pass will be sent to you.This must be displayed in the windscreen when arriving at the car park in Brighton. NOTE – this pass will be in addition to the vehicle pass all tender vehicles will receive. Participating cars are permitted only one tender vehicle.They will also receive details of the official tender vehicle route which is different to the veteran car route so as to ease congestion.French details to follow

9.4. Participants and tender vehicle crews will be provided with identity passes to enable them to gain access to the paddock at Madeira Drive. NOTE – tender vehicle access is prohibited to this paddock.These should be worn at all times as admission will not be granted without one.French details to follow

9.5.Tender vehicles are not permitted on the official Rally- only to support. The presence of these vehicles following the route could be a major cause of delay to participants.
9.6. Driving Standards Stewards on the route will report tender vehicles causing unnecessary obstructions to the Clerk of the Course. Infringement of this regulation could result in the entrant and/or driver concerned being excluded from the results and forfeit of any award for this year’s event.
9.7. For tender vehicles parking on Madeira Drive, Brighton, on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday a tender vehicle pack must be purchased. This requirement will be strictly enforced.All vehicles parked in this area must not arrive before 6.00pm on Saturday 1 July and must be removed by 12.00pm (midday) on Monday 3rd July to avoid clamping/ removal and related fees. Security and parking staff will be in attendance.
9.8. Official event recovery vehicles, in cases of temporary breakdown or steep inclines, may tow the vehicles on the Rally; no penalty applies. If any damage or loss occurs the liability remains with the entrant.

9.9.The Organisers will arrange for a breakdown service to supply a free breakdown and recovery service to all for the acyl Rally.This includes vehicles deemed not to be repairable to be taken to the next assist point on the official route. Should the owner request that the broken down vehicle be taken beyond the next assist point, then a Private Recovery charge will be applied together with a mileage cost. It is the responsibility of the owner to check as to whether their recovery membership includes cover for onward travel.All costs incurred are the responsibility of the owner.All vehicles receiving transportation of this sort will be judged as having retired from the Rally

9.10.The entrant is deemed responsible for the conduct of their tender vehicle.also their team. Disqualification for unruly behaviour or illegal action will be considered

10.TENDER VEHICLE PACKAGES: (to be submitted upon entry confirmation)

10.1. PACK 1 – Single towing vehicle with the capacity of no more than one vehicle. Parking will be at the end of Madeira Drive, Brighton. Pack includes “Vehicle” access pass window sticker, tender- route details and official identification for two people. One pack per entrant at £75.00.French details to follow

10.2. PACK 2 – For a towing vehicle and trailer (or commercial vehicle) with capacity for more than one vehicle. Pack includes “Vehicle” access pass window sticker, tender-route details and official identification for four people. One pack per entrant at £140.00.French details to follow

10.3.Tender vehicle parking on Madeira Drive is restricted to 30 tender vehicles allocated on a first order basis. Please – see further bulletins for information on any secondary locations.

10.4. Enhanced security staff levels will be in attendance at the tender vehicle parking area in Madeira Drive, Brighton to check vehicle authority and direct orderly parking.
10.5.Any vehicle left in the tender vehicle parking areas in Brighton is done so at their owner’s risk.The event Organisers do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage occurring.French details to follow

Senior Event Managers – Tom Druitt and Bill Murray
Strategic Director – Bill Murray
Operations Director – Graham Cotton
Project Manager & Entries Administrator – Clerk of the Course – Harrison Hughes
Chief Official, London – Joe Goldman
Chief Official Brighton – Len Wooller and Graham Cotton

12.1.There are many car parks available in central London. NOTE – parking must be booked directly with the car parks.
12.2. In the sections of the event held on private land, i.e. where the insurance provisions of the UK Road Traffic Act do not apply, participants are protected by the event’s public liability insurance.This cover will come into effect on the Madeira Drive element of the Rally and will cease end of the Rally,
12.3. Entrants and all drivers must have valid insurance covering them against liability for both personal injury and damage to the property of third parties on the public road sections of the Rally, in accordance

with the Road Traffic Act.

12.4.There are health and safety arrangements in place for the Rally and the event areas to manage the hazards and risks identified.All persons involved and attending this event must comply with the safety arrangements in place.
12.4 The cycle lanes running along Madeira Drive will be kept open at all times during the course of the event

13. COVID-19
13.1 All participants must abide by all UK Government legislation and guidelines relating to COVID-19 in place during the lead up to and on the day of the Rally.These may include but not be restricted to the wearing of face masks, social distancing, different households, support bubbles or the like. Entrants that are suffering from any of the symptoms of COVID-19 in the 48 hours prior to the start should immediately withdraw from the event. They should then seek the relevant and appropriate attention from the NHS
13.2 All participants must also abide by any subsequent rulings introduced by the Rally organisers.
13.3 Participants must supply the names and mobile telephone numbers of all participants, including any tender vehicle crew, for NHS Test and Trace. Such data will not be used for any other reason by the organisers and will be deleted 21 days after the completion of the Run, in line with UK Government legislation.
13.4 A Sworn Statement of Absence of COVID-19 Symptoms and of Contact with Confirmed Cases may be required by the organisers if legislated for by the UK Government at the time of the Run

14.1.The following penalties may be applied by the Clerk of the Course for the reasons shown:
Start Refused
Different Vehicle
Participant event numbers not displayed
Advertising on car that is not permitted as a major sponsor or key stakeholder.

Start Held (and Caution) No front and rear lights Finish Held

Arriving before allowed time has elapsed Forfeit of Finisher’s Award

Driving Standards
Arriving after the finish has closed
Outside Assistance (tender/support/pick-up vehicles) Caution Given


The London to Brighton electric vehicle rally ltd Care of :

The Big Lemon CIC
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Brighton and Hove Tel:+44(0)7771634514

With thanks for your support

Tom Druitt – Director

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