SPONSORS & Partners 

EDF Energy UK 

We are thrilled to welcome EDF Energy back to the London to Brighton EV Rally for the fourth consecutive year! EDF Energy continues to play a pivotal role in propelling Britain towards a sustainable future by spearheading the transition to cleaner, low-emission electric vehicles, and championing the fight against climate change. As the UK’s foremost provider of low-carbon electricity, EDF Energy serves millions of customers with reliable electricity and gas.

We are honored to collaborate with EDF Energy once more and look forward to another successful event together! Join us as we drive towards a greener tomorrow.

3ti Energy Hubs 

We’re thrilled to have 3ti Energy Hubs joining us for the third year! Their innovation shines through Papilio3, a pop-up mini solar car park designed to revolutionize EV infrastructure. Papilio3 offers up to 12 fast EV charge points in a modular unit, providing rapid expansion and an enhanced charging experience.

By combining solar and battery storage, Papilio3 optimizes EV charging, transitioning us towards a greener future. It’s fantastic to partner with 3ti Energy Hubs as they lead the charge in sustainable transportation solutions.


Fresh event… Fresh Partners. We are excited to welcome Europcar to the EV Rally for the first time this year! Get ready to experience your next roadtrip in style and electric performance with Europcar, your go-to for reliable electric car rentals. From the sleek Tesla Model 3 to the stylish Mercedes EQ Range, the zippy MG4, and the standout ORA 03, there’s an electric car for every road trip!

Join us at our picturesque Europcar Lounge on the 22nd of June at Madeira Drive, Brighton


We’re thrilled to welcome L-Charge back for their second year with us! As EV adoption accelerates, L-Charge proudly returns as the official charging partner of the London to Brighton EV Rally. Renowned as a global leader in utility-independent charging, L-Charge has expanded its Charging-as-a-Service proposition, showcasing the flexibility of high-powered movable charging solutions.

At this year’s rally, L-Charge will demonstrate their commitment to accelerating the electrification of transport by introducing their innovative containerised charging hub in the Southeast of the United Kingdom. We’re excited to partner with L-Charge as they pave the way for sustainable transportation solutions.

Big Motoring World

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the London to Brighton EV Rally family: Big Motoring World! As the UK’s premier independent pre-owned prestige car supermarket, they bring a wealth of experience and passion for excellence to our event.

From their humble beginnings trading from their CEO’s driveway to becoming one of the Motor Trader Top 10 Independent Dealerships in the nation, Big Motoring World embodies the spirit of innovation and progress that drives the EV movement forward.


We are delighted to announce the return of Rivervale to the London to Brighton EV Rally for the second consecutive year! Rivervale brings with them a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence in the electric and ICE vehicle industry.

Specialising in a comprehensive suite of services for electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, vans, and minibuses, Rivervale offers everything from leasing and purchasing to servicing and complete vehicle management.

At the heart of Rivervale’s ethos lies their mission: “Make Motoring Manageable.” This mission underscores their dedication to reliability, responsibility, and transparent communication, values that align perfectly with the spirit of our rally.