Rally going ahead as planned on 18th July following Government announcement

In light of the Government’s announcement this evening that Covid restrictions will not now be lifted until the 19th July, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our participants, sponsors and suppliers that we will be going with the rally on the planned date of Sunday 18th July, but in view of the changed situation we will have to make some alterations.

The rally itself will go ahead as planned with very few changes as this is already a very Covid-safe event well within existing regulations.

The evening launch party will go ahead, outside, but will be for participants, sponsors and press only. There will be restrictions on numbers and social distancing will be in place.
The public event on Madeira Drive will go ahead; there will be restrictions on numbers and social distancing will be in place. There will be a couple of marquees which will have restrictions on numbers and will be open on at least one side, but the rest of the event is all outdoors.

The prize-giving ceremony will go ahead but with some changes. We are working with the Grand to make it Covid-safe and in line with regulations and will share the details as soon as possible.

We are disappointed that some of our plans will have to change, but this was always a risk and we are looking forward to making the most of the situation and ensuring that we can all still have a great fun day in a safe way.

Published by Tom Druitt

From Brighton, UK; MD of The Big Lemon; interests include social enterprise, environment, politics, travel, sailing

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